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These General terms apply to:

1. use of this website
2. purchases through this website
3. use of Manca Korelc services.

1. Use of this website

This website and all of its contents and elements are property of Manca Korelc or her partners. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights are reserved, and any unauthorized contents' use is prohibited.

The information and contents you obtain through this website may be used without prior specific authorization exclusively for the following purposes (if published without subscription):

  • for personal use to enhance your own skills;
  • for reference under the condition of stating the source of information & author;
  • to references links for educational purposes by registered educational organizations.

I strive to make the contents of this website as current as possible for you to read and learn from, however please check the publishing date, to make sure you are receiving the latest information on LinkedIn use and trends.

2. Purchases through this website

There are several products available for purchase and I will constantly provide new products.

When you purchase my products, you will have to fill in some of your information (such as e-mail address, billing details, delivery details and so on, depending on the specifics of your order). For more information about our Privacy Policy, please click here. If you do not complete your purchase in the set timeframe for the offer, I reserve the right to send you an 'open cart' notification.

All purchases are final after you complete the order process and your chosen method of payment is processed. You can choose your payment method among available options, which may change from time to time due to technology advancements and my business decisions. I choose payment methods' providers which guarantee secure payment, however, please be aware that payment method providers remain solely responsible for payment security.

3. Use of Manca Korelc services

My services include, but are not limited to:

  • individual coaching,
  • public or in-house group coaching,
  • public or in-house workshops,
  • webinars & live lectures,
  • public or in-house networking sessions.

If you apply for a public workshop, webinar, coaching, lecture or session, you will choose the dates and venues from a predesignated list of events. Your spot at the event is guaranteed upon payment of attendance fee. Cancellations are refundable as follows:

  • 1 month prior to the event: 100 % refund;
  • 1 month to 1 week prior to the event: 70 % refund;
  • 1 week to 2 days prior to the event: 50 % refund;
  • later than 2 days prior to the event or in case of 'no-show': no refund.

I reserve the right to postpone or cancel live public events in case of vis majeure (my illness or injury or states of public emergencies (floods, earthquake, state of war, epidemics or other restrictions of movement or grouping) or in case minimum number of participants is not guaranteed. In case of event cancellation, a 100 % refund applies. In case of event postponement, a 100 % refund applies, if you cancel your attendance within one week upon new date or venue notification or if cancellation policy from the previous paragraph makes sense.

If you request individual or in-house coaching, webinars, workshops, lectures or sessions, we will discuss the scope of the services, payment conditions and cancelation policy individually.

These General terms apply for my services you register for through my website. In other cases, where my services are provided, these General terms apply in case it is not stated otherwise.

Sincerely yours, Manca Korelc

October 2020


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