Manca korelc linkedin 18 sl

Aleksandar Taskov, CEO at FUN4U

I was lost in space of LinkedIn, I was ashamed how my profile looked like and then from several recommendations I encounter Manca. When I checked her profile for the first time I was afraid of contacting her, because of her authority in the field of LN but mostly of thoughts that she will think about my poor profile. I WAS WRONG!

Since the first email I contacted her, she was delivering to me an outstanding service. From her amazing positive energy and relaxed approach, I felt comfortable and accepted. She took control over the whole process from the basics to completing my profile that I am proud of. I had difficulties with writing headliners and lacking ideas about what should I write in other sections. I must point out that Manca is an amazing content machine and what I most admire about her that she was truly, genuinely devoted to my success to create a profile that stands out and is tailor-made to my personality.

She gave me tools and sharing with me all her LN ninja tricks to make things so easy for me. Action is another word that describes her way of work. I was challenged with action steps, and she encourages me to take the first step the same day we heard. That made a big difference for me to start working and eating my frog :).

I would recommend Manca to everyone who would like to be proud of his LinkedIn presence on the next level. You are in really good hands. Trust me!




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