Manca korelc linkedin 18 sl

Aleksandra Horvat, Advertising Sales Director at Časnik Finance

In the last year, the employees of Časnik Finance have started to use Linkedin more actively, some have opened profiles for the first time, again others have edited and updated their existing profiles. If they weren't very interested in Linkedin before or didn't have the time, with Manca's help they realised that LinkedIn is a very a useful channel for all of us. For example: a part of the editorial team started using this business social network to increase the visibility of their articles or articles of their colleagues, we started announcing events, presenting special projects, connecting with readers, networking with partners.....With organised training in 5 groups, that is more than 40 employees of Časnik Finance, Manca delivered her expertise and tried to answer to all our questions.

Comments of our employees:
- Linkedin has proven to be a useful tool for sharing articles and building awareness of the project I currently have 624 contacts, and on Linkedin I publish articles about our partners who are actively using this tool. At a workshop Manca gave us many practical tips when and how to use LinkedIn to achieve better respons.
- I found the most interesting and useful the part when Manca explained to us a little bit about the background of how LinkedIn works, what is important when you edit the profile and when you want creat a consistent series of posts. I remembered, among other things, the message that the community is very appreciative of the posts which show that the author of the post shares some new knowledge with the community, not just information that he knows a lot about it.
- What I liked the most about the workshop with Manca is that she paid attention and dedicated her time to each individual. She is 100% committed to Linkedin and her workshops are very relaxed.
- I think the workshop is very useful for anyone who wants to network in B2B segment. Manca showed us the importance of constant and proper posting content to maximize reach and good response. I also received a lot of useful tips and ideas how to find new potentials and the right contacts. Manca is a straightforward and very positive person who gave us a lot of knowledge with many practical tips in a very short time.


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