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  • Matija Zajšek, SEO expert

    I just finished mentoring where a client told me they found me on LinkedIn, not Google as I thought. Manca, just one hour of our conversation was enough for LinkedIn to work very successfuly for me!
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  • Srečo Zakrajšek, IAM

    Manca Korelc has prepared a very interesting and high quality lecture about the website content production. The participants were impressed by her communicativeness and outstanding knowledge of the field, so they asked a series of questions at the end of the lecture ...
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  • Sara Gabrič, Marketing manager at SENSOR

    Manca is an excellent lecturer who knows how to motivate on her lectures with her energetic approach and her knowledge and resourcefulness! Looking forward to learn more from her.
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  • Katja Hus, Comtron

    We cooperate with Manca from this year on. She gave a lecture on our biggest event of the year Comtron Roadshow, where she spoke about social network and trends and online advertisment. Our customer from the IT department listen to her and she got all atention from them and us employees as well. Her advices and knowledge about social media is important for us.
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  • Alen Rebič, OpenIT

    She is one of the few lecturers who sends her presentation before the deadline and it's a big plus when you are dealing with event preparation and have many other things to do. She is also very attentive and energetic person, which is probably the main reason she is always assessed good by the participants.
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  • Milena Pelipenko, Marketing Manager at Gospodarsko razstavišče

    Manca knows well what the expectatoins of our target groups are and what the purpose of social networking is. Under her mentoring six Facebook pages have been brought back to life that with the right emphasises resulted in thousands of followers in very short time. We are still learning from her. Her campaigns, in which its promotion is put into the focus of life, are no less than fantastic. Thank you and good luck, Manca!
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  • Tanja Kuhar Šalja, Uradni list Slovenije

    Excellent workshops with useful practical skills for using LinkedIn in practice. I would recommend the workshop with Manca to everyone who already uses LinkedIn in their work, but wants to be even more active and improve their posts and their reach.
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  • Klemen Kraigher Mišič, CEO & Partner at Info Hiša

    Manca is the best LinkedIn coach in Slovenia. She will not write articles instead of you, but she will teach you how to do it (and she is strict about publishing). Her focus is not solely on getting more followers or achieving the KPIs, but to build long-term relationships, which will last. We have been working together for a year and the results are amazing. Not only business-wise but also on a personal level.
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  • Jurij Kobal, Director at OIKOS

    Manca is well organised and extremely determined expert in LinkedIn. She proactively leads the flow of working meeting and the discussion to come up with right solutions for your needs.
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  • Berislav Nikić, Sales Engineer at HAWE Hydraulik

    Ultimate top-notch workshop. I had the pleasure to be a part of it, where Linkedin was presented in all of it colours, from basic understanding, setting up, functions, upgrading and using it on a professional level. Manca your devotion and professionalism helped us to understand it, all questions were answered and your willingness to help latter on was more than appreciated. With you, it is easier to build up the profile, more understandable. Putting aside all the professional effort you put in the workshop, admirable is your drive and good crazy energy, and of course, your passion. Thank you and see you soon on your workshops.
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  • Miha Krapež, CEO at Sinter Brakes

    I met Manca as a guest in my business group. She is friendly, professional, and knows a lot about Linkedin. I had an account there, but there was little almost no activity or feedback. Manca helped me put my profile in order and taught me how to manage it correctly with hints on what to post and how. Since then, everything is more transparent, and I get more great response and a lot of new business opportunities. I recommend this to all professional business users and individuals. Manca Thank you very much.
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  • Simona Lobnik Ambrožič, Director Magazine

    Manca's workshop about LinkedIn was very instructive and highly applicable. We really liked how she prepared thoroughly, examined our profiles beforehand and advised us based on the specific issues we were facing. Now we definitely understand and use LinkedIn on a more in-depth level. Would definitely recommend it!
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  • Uršula Grošelj, Marketing Project Manager, NIL

    I had a privilege to listen to Manca's lecture during UDO Academy, organized by Marketing Magazine. Manca is a very spontaneous, open-minded and professional speaker who really believes in Linkedin. After her lecture, I was dedicated to reorganizing my Linkedin profile. During her lecture, I have received many good examples and hints about business generally. She is so good at guiding you through Linkedin features and she knows so many tips and tricks that you can't resist starting to use Linkedin as your main social media. I would definitely recommend Manca for becoming your Linkedin consultant.
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  • Denis Stroligo, Director at Uradni list Republike Slovenije

    Manca is currently on my opinion the best Linkedin expert in Slovenija. She presents this topic to the clients with huge enthusiasm and professionalism and with the pinch of her personal charm. It's great to work with her!
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  • Alenka Erker Lozinšek, Head of HR at HSE

    We started our linkedin profile just out of nothing as a bunch of enthusiasts without any knowledge or real digital strategy. At some point we stucked and asked for help linkedin network. And Manca, who we didn't know at the time, stood up and helped. And when we decided that we really could use some professional help, Manca was the one who enlightend us. And one big thankyou to her. Just look at our profile (Holding Slovenske elektrarne)! In just a few months we have more than 1200 folowers. And still gaining them. And Manca is always there for advice or just a friendly reminder! We enjoyed working with her very much.
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  • Vera Kocbek, Head Of Marketing at GRAWE zavarovalnica

    We received recommendations for Manca from three different sources. They all assured us that Manca is the right person if you need advice and instructions on how to efficiently use LinkedIn. She sent us detailed instructions even before our education started. The workshop was very interesting and focused on practical use. Each participant created a post, added a photo and hashtags, posted post, etc. She helped us correctly fulfill our profile, set all settings and add contacts. Business page of GRAWE zavarovalnica d.d. and my personal profile now have regular posts and achieve much more views & likes due to Manca's guidelines. Even after the workshop finished, Manca regularly contacts us and asks if we need any help or advice. I highly recommend Manca.
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  • Tina Razložnik, Communications at Intra lighting

    Manca is an enthusiastic presenter who believes in the power of informative-rich and proper communication both on and off LinkedIn. I learned many useful tips and tricks from her, and by utilizing them, improved both the personal page and the overall appearance of the brand on LinkedIn. I would highly recommend her lectureship. As a brand, we have received praise from various marketing agencies. Sure there are always areas where individuals could chime in more and improve, but that's on us now. Thanks, Manca for being full of inspiration and positive energy!
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  • Željka Modrej, Head of Strategic HR at Bankart

    Manca's workshop was full of useful and practical tips. Our team was very satisfied with the content of workshop and started with activities immediately. Since then our employees shares companies content on their personal pages and we are constantly gaining new followers on Bankart's LinkedIn company page. Manca is excellent, I highly recommend her.
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  • Aleksandra Horvat, Advertising Sales Director at Časnik Finance

    In the last year, the employees of Časnik Finance have started to use Linkedin more actively, some have opened profiles for the first time, again others have edited and updated their existing profiles. If they weren't very interested in Linkedin before or didn't have the time, with Manca's help they realised that LinkedIn is a very a useful channel for all of us. For example: a part of the editorial team started using this business social network to increase the visibility of their articles or articles of their colleagues, we started announcing events, presenting special projects, connecting with readers, networking with partners.....With organised training in 5 groups, that is more than 40 employees of Časnik Finance, Manca delivered her expertise and tried to answer to all our questions. Comments of our employees: - Linkedin has proven to be a useful tool for sharing articles and building awareness of the project I currently have 624 contacts, and on Linkedin I publish articles about our partners who are actively using this tool. At a workshop Manca gave us many practical tips when and how to use LinkedIn to achieve better respons. - I found the most interesting and useful the part when Manca explained to us a little bit about the background of how LinkedIn works, what is important when you edit the profile and when you want creat a consistent series of posts. I remembered, among other things, the message that the community is very appreciative of the posts which show that the author of the post shares some new knowledge with the community, not just information that he knows a lot about it. - What I liked the most about the workshop with Manca is that she paid attention and dedicated her time to each individual. She is 100% committed to Linkedin and her workshops are very relaxed. - I think the workshop is very useful for anyone who wants to network in B2B segment. Manca showed us the importance of constant and proper posting content to maximize reach and good response. I also received a lot of useful tips and ideas how to find new potentials and the right contacts. Manca is a straightforward and very positive person who gave us a lot of knowledge with many practical tips in a very short time.
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  • Aleksandar Taskov, CEO at FUN4U

    I was lost in space of LinkedIn, I was ashamed how my profile looked like and then from several recommendations I encounter Manca. When I checked her profile for the first time I was afraid of contacting her, because of her authority in the field of LN but mostly of thoughts that she will think about my poor profile. I WAS WRONG! Since the first email I contacted her, she was delivering to me an outstanding service. From her amazing positive energy and relaxed approach, I felt comfortable and accepted. She took control over the whole process from the basics to completing my profile that I am proud of. I had difficulties with writing headliners and lacking ideas about what should I write in other sections. I must point out that Manca is an amazing content machine and what I most admire about her that she was truly, genuinely devoted to my success to create a profile that stands out and is tailor-made to my personality. She gave me tools and sharing with me all her LN ninja tricks to make things so easy for me. Action is another word that describes her way of work. I was challenged with action steps, and she encourages me to take the first step the same day we heard. That made a big difference for me to start working and eating my frog :). I would recommend Manca to everyone who would like to be proud of his LinkedIn presence on the next level. You are in really good hands. Trust me!
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